Discover the incredible charm and beauty of the Adriatic Sea and islands in central Dalmatia. Unique middle Adriatic archipelago.

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The trip to the Island of Mljet is our most distinct trip where you will go to the island which is known as the most beautiful island of Croatia and because of its beauty the island was proclaimed to be the National park of Croatia.

Mljet was mentioned even in Homer’s master piece of world literature – The Odyssey as one of the islands where Odyssey disembarked on his journey home. Thus, one of the caves on Mljet carries Odyssey’s name. In the center of the northern part of the island are two lakes with small island of Sveta Marija (the Saint Mary) where Benedictins built a monastery in 12th century and now it is a resting place for tourists on their journey across the Mljet. Entrance to the lakes with the motor boats is forbidden but we can land in the nearby inlet Pomena from where you can enter the National park of Mljet, a pearl of Croatia. Mljet was proclaimed to be one of the National parks of Croatia in 1960. and is part of world protected heritage. With our strong boats from our assortment we will make your trip to Mljet to be a nice memory of Croatia. We are sure that, with seeing so much beautiful nature of the Adriatic, one day you will want to come again.

If you would like to rent some additional equipment for water sports, We have all sorts of equipment to offer. If you would like to go with our boat to the island by yourselves we will gladly advise you about the trip and the place where to stay overnight.