Discover the incredible charm and beauty of the Adriatic Sea and islands in central Dalmatia. Unique middle Adriatic archipelago.

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This Adriatic island is more than just a collection of sleepy villages. In ancient times, Solta was a wealthy “province” of Split, much like a weekend getaway. The Roman Emperor Diocletian chose Solta for his vacation residence with his own personal fishing pond, located at the scenic bay of Necujam. Solta is peaceful and reserved, with many romantic coves, well preserved natural flora and fauna. You’ll discover rustic villages marked with traditional stone houses and narrow winding streets. The sea encircling the island offers the ideal conditions for diving, fishing and boating. There will be plenty of time for wine tasting and sampling other Dalmatian specialties, like sage honey, brandy, almonds, dried fruit and more.

We will leave in the early morning hours, soon approaching the bouquet of islets in the Trogir archipelago: Kraljevac, Zaporinovac, Fumija, and Pijavica to name only a few. While there, we will drop our anchor at the small lagoon of Krknjasi. This hidden paradise on the eastern shores of the Island Drvenik is well sheltered from the four winds. It’s located between the Veli Krknjas and Mali Krknjas islands islets. After a morning swim in the crystal blue waters of Krknjasi beach, we will head off to discover idyllic Maslinica Harbor on Solta Island.
Maslinica derives its name from the word “maslina” which means “olive”. Situated at the north-western part of the island, Maslinica was formed in the early 18th century when the aristocratic Martinis family built their towering castle here, helping to protect the Split mainland from pirate attacks. The castle has now been converted into a stately hotel called the Martinis Marchi. As you browse along the waterfront and the charming streets you will feel the poetry and ambiance of the refreshing Mediterranean lifestyle. Maslinica provides the perfect environment for rest and relaxation. Here, you will have an opportunity to escape life’s daily demands, regaining perspective while replenishing your lungs with the fresh and clean Mediterranean air.

Just past Maslinica we’ll move on to a long protective harbor called “Sesula”, where sailors have been known to take shelter from the wind. In this deep cove we will drop our anchor in front of the tavern ”Sismis” where you can try the local cuisine or go swimming in the emerald waters.
After lunch, we’ll discover the southern side of Solta. There will be time to relax, go beachcombing, write postcards, or take a refreshing swim on the protective pebbly coved beach. As we make our way around the island, we will pass the island of Mrduja which is located midway between Island Solta and Island Bras. One of the local legends is that Bras and Solta couldn’t agree who it belonged to, so they pulled Mrduja from either direction with a rope. Every year in August during peak season, a team from each island competes in the fun loving Mrduja Rope Pulling contest. Whoever wins becomes the temporary owner of the island for one year. It is very funny to watch the two teams putting all their energy into this quest!

On our last stop, we will dock in the picturesque port of Stomorska, Solta’s oldest port. Dating back to the early 16th century, the town is known for its fleets of big wooden ships which used to carry Solta’s wine and olive oil to markets along the Croatian and Italian shores. Only five or six of these historical vessels still remain. Instead of goods, they now take tourists on scenic excursions around the Adriatic. The port is lively with activity, sailors and merchants, melodious voices, waves, and all other forms of harbor activity. Imagine the beauty of the stone captain’s houses, tiny yards and gardens, unique alleys and flower pot lined stairways.