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Vis is situated further offshore than any other inhabited Adriatic island. It is called the hidden island because Tito established his supreme headquarters in one of the island’s many caves during the Second World War. Foreign visitors were forbidden on Vis until 1989. For that reason and because of it’s geographical remoteness, this island was isolated for many years.

What once seemed to be a disadvantage for Vis has turned into an important advantage. This undiscovered island attracts visitors who prefer the unspoiled Mediterranean, specific island life, the fishing tradition and gastronomic specialties, as well as outstanding landscapes and seascapes.

After an hour and half travel by sea, we reach the picturesque fishing village of Komiza. A picturesque Mediterranean town, it’s filled with narrow winding streets and attractive stone houses, squeezed among the harbor and with numerous beaches. This place is known as the legendary fishing capital of Croatia with its amazing wind powered boats that traveled around the entire Mediterranean. The town’s vivid cultural past can be experienced by visiting in the Fisherman’s museum in the Venetian tower on the seaside walkway. This small town will fascinate you with its history, charm, rich cultural heritage and its excellent sea food and wines. Among many well known specialties, we recommend a delicious fisherman’s cake with tomatoes and salted anchovies known the world over as Komiska pogaca. This is very special place that will delight you in many unexpected ways, and visitors tend to return here time and again.

Around noon, our journey continues 5 Miles to sea to the ghostly island of Bisevo. Best known for its Blue Cave (Modra Spilja), it is large, spacious and simply spectacular. This marvelous cave is a must-see attraction on the island of Bisevo. Swimming in the Blue cave is another unforgettable experience, leaving its visitors breathless. The midpoint of the day is ideal for visiting this popular cave because sun beams its rays at the best angle so that our visitors’ cave experience is exceptional.

After visiting the island of Bisevo, our course leads us on a panoramic cruise to the south side of Island Vis. Our destination is the well known beach/cove of Stiniva where we will make a short swimming pause in its bay. Stiniva is unique due to its characteristic tiny sea entrance between high monumental rocks. As if enclosed by powerful tall rocks, age-old pine trees stand tall as its guards in this secret cove, which contains only the beach and a couple of small fishermen’s houses scattered about.

Following the Vis shoreline another 3 miles to the east, we will arrive to an archipelago of 8 small islands. Our first destination there is the Green Cave on Ravnik island. Not unlike the Blue Cave, we will enter this interesting cave by boat. Our second destination is small islet called Budihovac, a small and uninhabited island, just off the south-eastern shore of Vis, across from the shores of Bargujac. In a real meaning of the word it’s a lagoon haven, naturally wind protected by the isles of Mali (Little) Budihovac and the Sanak reef. There we will make a pause for swimming or you can explore the island. Maybe you will see Barba Pave and his flock of sheep.

Our seabound excursion continues to the town of Vis which was founded on the remains of ancient Issa, an island city-state and the foremost Greek colony in the Adriatic. Today, it’s best known for its deep, protective harbor and rich cultural past spanning over the past 2300 years. It consists of two, distinct sections: the harbor (called “Luka”) and the older section of “Kut” (or “corner”). There we can enjoy a late lunch in one of its traditional taverns. You are welcome to taste and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing Vis cuisine, both simple and extraordinary. Only those who have never been in this small town can speak about it with indifference.

After enjoying a pleasant afternoon in this memorable small town, we will visit the remains of the former military base. We will explore the underground submarine tunnel and bunkers in the bay nearby. There are many military objects on this island that reminds us of the island’s isolation over the past few decades. Many of these secret army tunnels are accessible only by boat. Around 18:00h we will be returning back home and expect to arrive back to the mainland of Trogir or Split no later than 19:30h.

All those places have something in common – no crowded hordes of tourists, and a special local atmosphere that cannot be described. These are sights that are not among the usual, touristy sightseeing package. There are small and almost silent towns and coves. The people you meet in the summer will not be noisy tourists per se, but they might be people like you – just really enjoying the serenity of a such a unique place.